Magic Square Visualisations

This is an art/research project by Fania Raczinski and Dave Everitt.

Read more about the culture, history, and theory of magic squares.

See also our tool for exploring magic carpets.

Zen Mode

Press i on your keyboard to toggle all interface elements and admire the magic squares without distraction.

Note: you can share any setup in "zen mode" by pressing the share button at the bottom left and then adding the following extra url parameters: &interface=hidden to the end of your url before sharing it with your friends.

Gallery Mode

Add the following parameter &gallery=true to the end of your url to enable gallery mode when sharing. This will limit squares to ones screen only and disable the need for scrolling.


Animations can be paused by pressing o on your keyboard, or using the pause button in the interface. This is useful for taking beautiful stillshots and printing.

Single Modal

Double click with your mouse on any magic square to see a full screen version of it (and double click to come out of it too).


Press p on your keyboard to toggle print preview mode. You can then trigger the print dialog by pressing ctrl p or right clicking anywhere within the screen and choosing Print....

Please note that printing uses your colour settings, so for a light printer-friendly version change to day-mode or adjust the colour settings manually before entering print preview. Printing order 5s in bulk is not recommended and slightly broken.


Creative Visualisation of Magic Squares paper for EVA2020 London.